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Company: Zero-G
Engine: Vocaloid 3
Popularity: Unknown 
Voice compared to: Megurine Luka
Most common duet partner: Kagamine Len
People ship you with: Kaito

Company: Yamaha
Engine: Vocaloid3
Popularity: Well Known
Voice compared to: IA
Most common duet partner: Mew
People ship you with: SeeU

Company: Surfersparadise
Engine: Vocaloid2
Popularity: Miku
Voice compared to: Oliver
Most common duet partner: Miku
People ship you with: Bruno

(Source: abstractcactus, via hyoukatta)

tags: #click and drag game #vocaloid
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    Company - Internet [YAY!] Engine - Vocaloid3 Pupularity - Known People compare your voice to - Gumi [i’m awesome] Most...
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    Company: Crypton Engine: Vocaloid 2 Well Known People Compare Your Voice To: Lily Most Common Duet Partner: IA People...
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    Vocatone Engine: Vocaloid2 Popularity: Popular People compare your voice to: Luka Most common duet partner: Gumi People...
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    Company : PowerFX Engine : V3 Popularity : Well known :DD People compare your voice to : Lily Most common duet partner :...
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    Compay : Internet Engine : Vocaloid3 (Yes) Popularity : Popular (what) People compare your voice to : Kagamine Len...
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    Crypton, vocaloid, unknown, vy2 (well that’s a nice voice), sf-a2 miki, prima (okay…)
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    shipped with Kaai lollll if you didn’t know, my name is Kai We’ll take over the world together d*o*b
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    VoctroLabs Vocaloid 1 Unknown Compared to SeeU Duets with Bruno Shipped with Lola …the hell?