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BF: Lestrade

FK: Moriarty! :D 

P: Irene

E: …Sherlock

L: Jim Moriartyyyyyyyyyyyyy

HF: John 

omg i didn’t even cheat this is the best life everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Best frined: John Watson

First kiss: Greg Lestrade

Partner: Jim Moriarty

Enemy: Mycroft Holmes. (Duh. Kissed Greg after all.)

Lover: Jim Moriarty

Hardly familiar: Irene Adler

Oh, I’m totally fine with this!

BF: Mycroft. YES.

First Kiss: Sherlock. YES OH YES

Partner: John. OHHHH

Enemy: Moriarty. XD

Lover: Sherlock KJFHSHFDSIJ.

Hardly Familiar: Irene. PERFECT.

No lies, this is canon.

Best friend: Jim Moriarty (asdfghjkl yes)

First Kiss: John Watson (Sherlock wont mind.)

Partner: Jim Moriarty (FAAAAA*dead*)

Enemy: Sherlock Holmes (Well, I did kiss his husband.)

Lover: John Watson (Hm…Sherly bby?)

Hardly Familiar: Greg Lestrade (BU-BUT GREGGY POOHS)

Best friend: John Watson

First kiss: Jim Moriarty

Partner: Greg Lestrade

Enemy: Sherlock Holmes

Lover: Greg Lestrade

Hardly familiar: Jim Moriarty

(via literallyallmen)

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