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Your Anime Story

  • your story’s length: 2 seasons of 24 episodes
  • your genre: Josei
  • your character: The bishie bishoujo
  • your lover: The otaku
  • the climax: You and your lover kiss and your mom cockblocks 
  • the ending: You die backstabbed

Sounds cool

Your story’s length: 70 episodes, 1 remake
Your genre: Parody
Your character: Hopeless pervert ah gdi
Your lover: the cross-dresser 8II??
The climax: you forgot to knock and see your naked sister that start yelling 8I
The ending: you die back-stabbed

well well

your story’s length: 2 seasons of 24 episodes

your genre: psychological

your character: the yandere (accurate)

your lover: the cold one

the climax: you lose an eye in exchange for a granted wish

the ending: bam! you are now a sexy vampire

…i’d watch this.

(Source: gasaii)

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