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Hi! I'm not quite sure how you found my blog, but welcome!
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Best friend: Kuro
Has a crush on me: Mephisto
First kiss: Shiemi
Lover: Bon
No. of children: 5
Cockblocker: Konekomaru (how dare you???)

Best friend- Amaimon

Has a crush on you- Amaimon

First Kiss- Yukio

Lover- Shima

No. of children- 1

Cock-blocked by- Amaimon


Best Friend: Konekomaru (uhh okay…)

Has a crush on me: Shima (oh~~)

First Kiss: Shura (LOLOL wut? XD)

Lover: Rin (OH MY GOD!! YES. YES!! YESS!!!!! <333)

No. of children: Triplets XD

Cockblocked by: Konekomaru

Best friend - Amaimon 

Has a crush on you - Shiemi

First kiss - Rin

Lover - Shura

no. of Children - None (LOOOOLOLOLOL good)

Cockblocked by - Konekomaru

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tags: #Ao No Exorcist #click and drag game
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    OKAY NOW IT’S MY TURN :O Best Friend: RIN
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    Best Friend: Yukio Okumura. Has A Crush on You: Yukio Okumura. First Kiss: Rin Okumura. Lover: Rin Okumura. No. Of...
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    best friend: bon (what why) has a crush on you: Amaimon (oh.) first kiss: shima (cutieeee) shima (yay~) number of...
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    best friend: Mephisto Has a crush on you: Bon First Kiss: Yuki Amaimon Twins Shura
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    Bestfriend: Moriyama :) Has a chrush on you: Suyuro :s First kiss: Rin Lover: Kirigakure twins Cockblocked by: Yukino
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