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Different characters of the same voice actor
Too often, the only escape is sleep
—Charles Bukowski (via doucheywolf)

(Source: bluedogeyes, via doucheywolf)

The sign's RPG classes Aries: Berserker
Taurus: Knight
Gemini: Thief
Cancer: Magic Knight
Leo: Hero
Virgo: Cleric
Libra: Paladin
Scorpio: Conjurer
Sagittarius: Ranger
Capricorn: Assassin
Aquarius: Engineer
Pisces: Illusionist Magician
Kuroko no Basket Chapter 270



This is probably my favorite Kuroko no Basket scene and is definitely the best scene in all Kuroko no Basket chapters. This scene is the most precious of all scenes,

Why is this scene precious? Because this scene sums up the beauty of Zone. Everybody, even the readers…