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Hi! I'm not quite sure how you found my blog, but welcome!
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Anonymous: i think i remember you either reblogging or making a tutorial, of sorts, on how you made stickers i believe it was?? im sorry if ive got the wrong person, but could you see if you can find it or something?? ; 0 ;


hi sorry for the late reply! there really isnt anything special to do to make stickers other than having a trusty pair of scissors, predrawing some designs (at the appropriate dpi) and buying some sticker paper! i know some people use shipping labels (you can find large ones at office supply stores) to make their stickers and thats fine. I personally use this type of sticker paper (can also be bought via i think the type of the paper changed in the past couple of years though? it used to be a little bit heavier but now its lighter? :? i still use it though since it costs ~<$20/100 sheets which is nice!

hope this helps

OT3: me, laptop-kun, and internet-sama

tanaka and noya in sailor fuku as REALLY COOL PIRATES!!! engaged in a water pistol fight SO COOL AND BADASS WOW